Helping Small Communities Tackle Big Projects


When it comes to financing important community projects, small and rural towns can face extra challenges. They need a knowledgeable financial partner who creates solutions that are cost-effective and consider all available resources.


Recognizing that rural areas need access to reasonable financing options for economic vitality and local quality of life, the U.S. Department of Agriculture created community development programs. At VITAL, we combine our knowledge of these USDA programs with years of banking and finance experience. We are the resource that puts together the puzzle pieces of a cost-effective financial solution meets your unique needs.

Types of Projects

Building Projects and Low- to Moderate-Income Housing

Water and sewer systems

Renewable Energy

Broadband access

Senior Care and Healthcare Facilities

Equipment purchase


Loan Programs

  • Community Facilities
  • Water and Environmental
  • Rural Energy for America Program (REAP)
  • 538 Low- to Moderate-Income Housing

VITAL Services

With a history of lending and specialty financing expertise on our side, we use USDA programs to deliver competitive pricing and terms. We provide professional guidance for navigating the USDA application process and combining other relevant funding resources to maximize cost-effectiveness.

  • USDA guaranteed loans
  • Municipal leases
  • Consulting services
    • USDA community development programs (direct and low interest loans)
    • Federal, state, and local grants and other resources

Additional Services Through Bank Partners

VITAL works with a network of reputable, established community lenders. Through our lender partners, you can access a full spectrum of relevant banking services as needed to meet all of your financial needs in a streamlined way.

  • Conventional fixed-rate loans
  • Purchaser of bank-qualified bonds
  • Depository services
  • Treasury management

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