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June 11, 2019


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April 30, 2019


SBA and USDA Lending Resumes

January 31, 2019


SBA and USDA Lending During the Government Shutdown

January 4, 2019


New Ebook: Your Guide to SBA and USDA Lending

December 18, 2018



SBA Loan Gives Ag Business New Potential

December 7, 2018

Case Study: Helping a Farm Pursue a New Business Opportunity

May 2, 2018


The owners of a family farming operation were evaluating their business, as they had grown dissatisfied with the return on investment from their traditional farming operation. They felt that for a similar investment in another type of business, they could realize a much higher return on their capital.

The Lending Programs You May Not Know About

November 3, 2017

You've likely heard of the SBA 7(a) and 504 loan programs, the most widely used guaranteed lending programs. But, do you know how to leverage the CAPlines, Export Loans, or Business & Industry programs to support business customers that need different financing options

4 Reasons to Use the SBA to Finance Business Acquisitions

October 6, 2017


Have you ever had to turn down a borrower that wanted to buy a business, because the physical assets didn’t cover the requested loan amount? You’re not alone. But, if your traditional approach to acquisition financing leaves you turning away too many opportunities, tak

Four Things Bank Management Must Do for SBA Success

July 7, 2017


I recently came across this article, and was struck by one important paragraph it contained. While the focus of the article is the shortage of commercial lenders, I realized that the author had actually included within the text an excellent formula for SBA lending succ